An Intelligent Lighting Company

We not only focus on creating latest technology but also offer best lighting solutions for our customers to meet sustainable economic growth and social development.

Core Value:
At SiPLED, Inc. (abbr. SiPLED), we aim to satisfy customers’ various lighting need. We strive to deliver quality service with speedy turnaround time, while ensuring better value for money than any of our competitors.
Environmental Responsibility:
In every way, LEDs surpass any other lighting technology. They use significantly less power and they last much longer, needing to be replaced less often. We are committed to finding the lighting solution for you that generates the right amount of light for as little energy usage as possible. SiPLED can help you keep your carbon footprint small without sacrificing your light output.

The Start

SiPLED, Inc. (abbr. SiPLED) is established in 2001 by Dr. Shaoher Pan who built his first lab in Silicon Valley. Today, SiPLED has become an innovative market leader in LED light industry which has distributed its LED luminaries throughout the world.

From 2001.3 to 2003.6, Dr. Shaoher Pan set up XHP Microsystem, later called Miradia, in the garage of his house located in Silicon Valley. In XHP Microsystem, he invented Integrated Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and semiconductor device IC with large size silicon substrate. He is the pioneer who produces Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) in mass production with standard semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

From 2004.6 to 2009.6, Dr. Shaoher Pan set up Spatial Photonics in Silicon Valley. He invented large size silicon substrate integrated micro electron microscope series, which used in the large scale optical fiber communication, high resolution printing and high definition projection. He is the pioneer who produces integrated micro electron microscopy in mass production with standard semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

In 2009, Dr. Shaoher Pan set up Siphoton(headquarter of SiPLED) in USA, which mainly research and develop the new generation 3D LED chips, light-emitting devices, large scale integrated circuit manufacturing process and related high-bright intelligent lighting products.

In 2012, Dr. Shaoher Pan set up SiPLED, Shanghai which specialize in the production and sales of LED lighting products. With strong support of Shanghai government, SiPLED have made great efforts to save energy and reduce emission, and also for the promotion and application of new generation LED lighting in China mainland.

In 2014, in order to integrate the research, production and sales of LED light source and LED lighting products, Shaoher Pan set up sales center and manufacturing base in Zhangjiakou city-near Beijing.

In 2014, owing to Dr. Shaoher Pan’s consistent research and innovation in the past 35 years, and the cooperation of the excellent R&D team, SiPLED has won the first-class National Technology Awards for our high-end LED emitters. Today, under the leadership of President Shaoher Pan, SiPLED consistently research 3D LED chips, light-emitting devices and LED lamps. We hope our strong technology can create great innovation for the LED lighting industry, and we will continuously contribute to reduce carbon emission and achieve sustainable development.

Sales & Support

ourteam 2

Our sales team contains many excellent professional managers who have devoted to LED lighting business for many years. They are in charge of the investigation of overseas market, making different marketing strategy according to different target market and consumption habits, ensuring that the company scientific research, production and customer combine organically as a whole.

Creating endless fortune together with customers is always the aim of our team.

  • Services during the sale
    We will support you the thoughtful documentary service from the date of signing the contract until the products are transported. We will pre-check products ahead of delivery.
  • Pre-sale Support
    We offer customers sales solution which let our products satisfy their demands. As a good adviser and assistant of clients, we will give you experienced technical support with rigorous work attitude, enable you to get rich and generous returns on your investments.
  • After-sales service support
    After finishing production, we will contact the professional group to provide you the perfect goods shipping services, until the product you purchased properly to your hands.
  • Service Philosophy
    Service is not just a word to us, it is a philosophy. We believe in going further. We strive for prompt responses, open communication channels, and a clear answer for every question. We make a commitment to all of our clients, and we aim to exceed expectations every time. We can deliver faster than anyone else on the market. We always keep our warehouse full. When you need a product urgently, we ensure you are never waiting so long.

Technical Support

SiPLED, Inc. is a USA-based developer and manufacturer of LED lighting located in the center of Silicon Valley. It was founded by veterans from technology companies such as IBM, Intel, Applied Materials and other major global LED manufacturers.

Patented 3D LEDTM application technology: For the last several years, SiPLED has developed a patented 3D LEDTM technology using non-polar III-V LED on the copper alloy substrates to generate reliable ultra-high emission lighting devices. By using semiconductor 300mm standards, rather than using conventional 50mm sapphire or silicon carbide substrates, 3D LEDTM technology enables highly efficient wafer-level packaging and testing to further drive down the LED module cost. The unique 3D LEDTM technology has got 65 global invention patents approved by United States Patent Office and more and more global invention patent approved by China Patent Office.

To enable a rapid volume production ramp-up, the company has developed proprietary and innovative solutions allowing the use of standard LED manufacturing infrastructure to fabricate high brightness LED on 300 mm facility.

We have unique advantage in high-power light source modules, which made the LED lighting with long life time, low energy consumption, most cost effective, quick starting, efficient heat-sinking and good weather-resistance.

As a multinational corporation, we have independent design team, independent intellectual property rights, product management, manufacturing plant, free trade zone logistics and product support, which enable us to produce the most cost effective, the latest design and intelligent, high-tech LED light which sell in the world market.


R&D Team

Dr. Shaoher Pan
Dr. Shaoher Pan is the Founder& CEO of SiPLED with more than 35 years LED R&D experience. He is the Ph.D. in Physics of The City University of New York and MBA of Santa Clara University. In the early years, he served as the research scientist of USA IBM, the senior manager of Applied Materials, the president of SECA and The Society for Information Display. Dr. Shaoher Pan has more than 60 publications in International Technical Journals, 65 global invention patents approved by United States Patent Office and more and more global invention patents approved by China Patent Office. Dr. Shaoher Pan has won the first class National Technology Awards for our high-end LED emitters in 2014.

Prof. Michael Heuken
Technology Counsel
Prof. Michael Heuken is the technology counsel and one of the early investors of SiPLED. Prof. Heuken is currently Vice President of Technology of AIXTRON, the member of the Aixtron China and Taiwan Scientific Advisory Board, President of DGKK from 2002 to 2005, Executive Committee member of the IOCG, member of VDE/ITG and board member of Optech Net e.V.and a professor in University of Aachen. Prof. Heuken is considered at one of the world most renowned expert in LED growth.

Mr. Roger Borovoy
IP Counsel
Mr. Roger Borovoy is the IP counsel and one of the early investor of SiPLED. Roger Borovoy is also counsel to Fish & Richardson, the largest IP law firm in the North America. Mr. Borovoy is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and admitted to the bar in California and Massachusetts. Between 1963 and 1974 he served as patent counsel for Fairchild Camera Instrument Corporation and represented Robert Noyce, the inventor of the integrated circuit. Between 1983 and October 1987 he joined Ben Rosen and L.J. Sevin in the venture capital partnership which started Compaq Computer and Lotus Development (1-2-3). Mr. Borovoy is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S. Chemical & Electrical Engineering and Business 1956, and of Harvard Law School, J.D., 1959.



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